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Emotions of Color

Did you know that colors can stimulate a physical response in your body? Different colors create different chemical reactions, which then elicit specific emotions. Studies have shown, for example, that blue actually slows your heart rate and can lower blood pressure. 

Psychology of Color

I absolutely adore the psychology of interior design, and specifically, the psychology of color. In my own life, I find that color directly affects my level of contentment, influencing the decisions I make everyday. How my living space feels is important to my family life and happiness, while the feel of my work space feels affects my creative business.

Choosing Colors for Your Mosaic Mirror Project

Color is a critical design element, and I am constantly fascinated by the power of color to affect our emotions and our lives. Choosing the right palette is fundamental to creating artwork that “feels right” to my clients—and to my students creating their own work in my classes.

Gray: serenity, calmness, sophistication, serious

I love this mirror because it evokes a soft soothing monochromatic palette with a little play on light that adds a bit of energy and excitement.

Emotional Color Wheel

Consider the emotions that you are pulling into your artwork and into your space. This color wheel is a good starting point to begin exploring the power of color.

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